Monday, May 19, 2014


April 28, 2014

TRANSFERS!  wow. I was so incredibly sad to leave. But, it was good. I got here Wednesday to Esperanza. Wow. This place is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Its small and quaint, and I feel like I just stepped into a movie. Everyone rides bikes everywhere. Including me! Yes. I am now a missionary on bike and I LOVE ITTTTT!!!!!! My companion is Hermana Coreas from El Salvador. She has about 6 months in the mission and is awesome. We have a branch here and its SUPER tiny. I love it. we have about 17 people at church on Sunday. And I am in charge of Sharing time and singing time in the Primary. That was super fun! There are 2 companionships of Sisters in the branch so thats fun! I have REALLY upgraded on my apartment! It was bulit like 8 months ago!!!!!!! and I have a real shower toilet that doestn have to be flushed with a bucket. I almost cried when I found out I had a real bathroom. I`m learning the area and meeting all of the members. They are super awesome. Pretty crazy but awesome. 

We had lunch with the Spies family this past week. They are like farm people. They are CRAZZZZZY. We had chicken. It was cooking on teh coals outside and one of their dogs
came up and grabbed it. Then, teh dog dropped it in teh dirt. Brother Spies went and picked it up and brushed it off and put it on the table....AWESOME. I`m not sick yet so I think i´m good. Everyone here is Catholic! Thats always fun haha. But I really do love it here. Its definitley a change, but i`m adjusting and loving it!

Me and Hermana Coreas!

May 5, 2014

This week was super good. We were able to find more people to teach, and that is always awesome. We have been teaching a lady named Norma. She has about 65 years. We invited her to be baptized and said yes! The next step is always getting them to we said that we would pass by on our bikes. She said she would come if it wasn´t too windy, cold, or stormy. We prayed so much Saturday night that we would wake up to good weather. Sunday morning we woke up and there was SO MUCH FOG. and then we recieved a message from her saying Chicas, I´m not going to go to church today. Too much cold, yada yada yada. We were sad... :( As we were leaving the house we prayed that we would have a miracle and that someone who we invited would come to church.

We got to the chapel and about 4 people were there....we started and we looked over at the door and.....THERE WAS NORMA!!!!! She said "Chicas! I´m glad I found the church! I decided it wasn´t too bad outside after all." WAHOOOOOO. It was so awesome. She loved church, but she didnt like that it was 3 hours and that she wouldn't have the whole morning to cook. But, we´ll work on that later haha. We were super happy with that!  Also, this week we had quite a bit of rain. Rain, dirt roads, and bikes....awesome....haha. I´m having quite the adventures here in Esperanza!!!

May 11, 2014

Skyping on Mother's Day!

Blood sausage with Evelyn

The dog of the lady of where we rented in Parana. I LOVE THIS DOGGY!

In a plaza in Esperanza! This place was the first place colonized in

Biking through Esperanza!

May 19, 2014

This week was really good. We had a goal this week to talk with everyone beacuse we had only one investigator and we NEEDED to find more people!!!! One day this week we had a man come up to us and ask if we were mormons. We said yes and he said I knew it becasue of you helmets! He was really excited that we were mormons and that he wanted to change! He told us that something told him that he needed to come and talk to us! WOW!!! With this I learned a couple of things. 

1)  It doesnt matter that the helmets are super ugly and super uncomforable. God will bless us if we are obedient AND people think we are crazy and want to talk to us...haha 

2) GOD WILL PUT PEOPLE IN OUR PATH. I was starting to freak out a little bit becasue we had had no success and I started thinking oh no. I´m going to ruin Esperanza. BUT, all I needed to do was be patient and leave it to the Lord. and it toally worked out! 

This guy we found is named Rojelio and he went to a baptism of the other Hermanas on Saturday and then church yesterday! IT WAS A MIRACLE!!!!! :)  

We have been trying to work with Norma but she is never home or is busy....not a good  sign...but we are hoping that all will go well!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 22, 2014

This week was super good!  We found a couple awesome people that have a ton of potential! I am super excited to see how it ends up with them! One day we were contacting in an area that is one of the sketchier parts. While we were there, we met a guy named Claudio. He is crazy and just wanted to talk about the states with us but, as we were walking out of the area he said. You are our friends now. If anyone tries to mess with you, i´ll just punch them! hahaha that was pretty funny! Also, as we were walking out of the area, I had my first
encounter with a scary dog! It started barking like nutso and then nipped at the Hermana sainbury...hahaha we started screaming like crazy. In the moment, I was so scared, but now, when I look back, its super funny. 

This week, we also went out to the little village of Valle Maria and brough all the other missionaries with us so that we could contact the WHOLE town! It was awesome and so much fun! 

Easter was awesome! Its always interesting, because in the states we sing Easter hymns like 2 weeks before Easter and the same with songs for Chrsitmas. But for here in Argentina, its really not like that...haha It was just a normal Sunday and regular talks...It made me a little sad that people weren´t focusing on the Savior a ton... In the afternoon me and Hermana Sainsbury made a super awesome lunch and then we left to go to a house of a Member to do an easter egg hunt with them! They dont do those kinds of things with Easter here, so it was super fun to show them how its done!!!!!!! I loved it! They had so much fun too! We shared a lesson before and then we let them hunt for the eggs! 

Also, this week I realized how catholic this place is haha. The week before Easter, the Catholics dont eat meat, only fish. So, we were in the grocery store on Friday getting some things for our lesson and the easter egg hunt, and then decided to buy some meat for our Sunday dinner. Man, the looks we got. hahahha we had about 3 dozen eggs and a package of meat. We werent the biggest fans in the grocery store that day...haha. 

News about transfers! I´m heading out of Parana`. I´m heading to a place called Esperanza. I dont know a ton about it, and my companion is a Latina so that should be fun! 

A steak we had last Monday!

All of us in Valle Maria

The view from the bus on our way home

 Decorating eggs for the Egg Hunt!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happenings in Parana

April 7, 2014

Oh conference. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It was quite the adventure here in Argentina. The first sesion was super good. They let us missionaries watch it in English so about 8 of us missionaries were squished into the bishops office watching it on the computer. It was awesome. The 2nd session: We had a investigator who was supposed to come. We took the taxi to her house and her dad came out and started yelling at us. That was fun...haha. It was a good thing Elder Hollands talk was just about 2 hours earlier.... :) haha. So because we didnt have an investogator there we went out and worked. 

Sunday Morning: we got to the church early and had lunch with the Elders. Then we got ready to watch conference. It started at one and the people who were in charge to start it up came at 1...haha and of course it wasnt working so they had to pull out the computer from the bishops office and watch it in the hall. It was such a cool thing to see. All the saints from the stake like sardines in a can listening to the words of the lord. It was hard for everyone to hear and to get the message, so us missionares decided to offer a prayer. We knelt in a circle and one of the elders offered one of the most heartfelt prayers I have ever heard. It was so powerful. The satelite continued to not work, but we had faith that god had heard us and that he would help us be able to hear to the word of the profet in a way that EVERYONE would be able to benefit and acyually hear. During the break of conferences we had a baptism of one of teh daugters of a member in the ward. As we were eating and talking, we heard the conference turn on, like the in between messages! GOD ANSWERED OUR PRAYERS!!!!!! The members were able to watch in an atmosphere where they could learn and feel the spirit. It was really good!!!

So, today we are going to watch the 2 sessions that we missed. 

April 14, 2014

This week was super good! We had Zone meeting on Tuesday and then ZOne Conference on Wednesday. They had asked everyone to prepare a talk on Dilligence and then they were going to pick a natvive who was trying to learn English give a talk in English and then someone who was trying to learn Spanish speak in Spanish. I was the lucky person chosen...haha it wasnt too bad and I´m getting over my fears of talking in front of people haha. 

There is a Less Active Family in our ward. When Hermana Telfer was here, we tried with working them and we could see their progress, then in time, they got busy and we honestly kind of forgot about them. WHen Hermana Sainsbury got here, we tried to see them, but just never made the time to do it because its like a 30 minute busride to get there. So, the other morning we both just felt like we needed to go and visit them. We got there and had a really good lesson with the Mom of the family. We closed with a prayer, and then were starting to be on our way, and she asked us if she could tell us something weird that happened. We told her yeah for sure, tell us! She told us that that morning she had been praying and asking God what he wanted her to do. She didnt know if she should keep trying to return to the church or just drop it all together. She asked him to just send her a sign. AND THEN WE SHOWED UP. I know that this is a typical missionary story, but it made me so grateful that me and Hermana Sainsbury were listening to the spirit. Also, I was able to see that god loves ALLLLL of his children. He sent us to answer her prayers. It was such a cool experience. 

Random Thoughts:

  • I am addicted to chocolate milk. Its so good. In the states I wasnt a huge fan, but now. WOW. Its heaven. The milk comes in bags here. Its kind of weird haha I just buy white milk and then pour in the mix. Its super good. I frink like 3 glasses a day.
  • I hit the middle of my mission this week. Its crazy. I kind of freaked out a bit, but then I really thought about it and I`m pleased with my work so far and I´m ready to take on another 9 months. 
  • I got stung by a bee for the first time in my life. That was exciting. My arm swoll up a bit, but I´m doing perfect right now. 
  • Where I write my e-mails is in an internet cafe, and it almost flooded becasue there is SOOOOOOO MUCH rain here!!!!!! 

This is the Escalada family! I love them so much! We have lunch with them every Friday! They are so awesome!!!!

Pictures of Evelyn and her baptism!!! WAHOOO!!!! 

sometimes we like to take pictures of oursleves when we are working :) 

My addiction....

The Mansilla Family that lives in Valle Maria. A little pueblo. 


We made an american sunday dinner! Meat, potatoes, carrots, and bread. SO AWESOME. 


And After!

Special P-Day at the Beach

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Finally in Argentina



But serioulsy...haha this place is absolutley beautiful! 

I left on Monday morning and it was pretty rough. I wasn´t ready to go. I wanted to help our investigators more and just a whole mix of emotions. On the plane ride to Atlanta, I wanted to just go back to Kansas. But, holy cow, I KNOW this is where I am supposed to be. I am so grateful for the time I had in Missouri, but I am SO PUMPED to be serving here in Argentina. 
Anywho, about the flight and life in general right now, things are great! I arrived in Atlanta and there was a billion of missionaries there! I was able to meet up with 2 Elders in my district from the CCM. SO GREAT! It was awesome. And then we began the flight. The dreaded 11 hour flight! haha I sat next to this guy from Ecuador who was traveling to Argentina for work. It was awesome to be able to talk to him and share more about the gospel. HIS SON HAS MESSI´S AUTOGRAPH!!!!!!!! I am still so jealous...haha we got two meals on the plane! Dinner and breakfast! and a pillow and a blanket. I felt so rich...haha.

But, I finally arrived and after going through immigration and cutsoms, I was able to reunite with everyone in my district! It was great!!!!!!! We then headed to the Mission Home. 
It was about a 5 hour Bus ride to Rosario. Then we arrived at the mission home and ate a quick dinner and headed to bed. 

We got up in the morning and studied and just kind of chilled. IT WAS AWESOME, but so weird at the same time. I haven´t just chilled for a while. But, I thought it was really nice that they let us take a breather after our travels. We had different trainings throughout the day and then a super fancy dinner at night. THE MISSION HOME IS GINOURMOUS!!! and so beautiful! It was fun! Then the next day we got up and headed to the chapel to meet our companions. 

My companion is Hermana Telfer from Highland, UT. SHE IS AWESOME: I am so pumped to work hard and get stuff done! I am serving en 5 Esquinas which is in the City of Parana which is the capital of Entre Rios which is a Provincia here. It´s beautiful! PALM TREES. Seriously. this place is sooo great!

So, then we took the bus for about 4 hours to Parana. It was great! Our pench is so weird...haha our bathroom and shower are in the same area. and yeah its interesting. I´ll have to send you pictures of it some time. This week was kind of weird because we were in a trio with another Hermana in another area because her companion got her visa for Ecuador and this sister was leaving to go home so we preatty much just made visits to people that she wanted to say goodbye to. It was good though becasue I was able to meet lots of the ward members. THEY ARE AWESOME. 

Church was great and this week we are really getting to work. Its great! Usually my p-days are Monday but it was different this week because of transfers. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Update from Hermana Haynes

From Hermana Haynes, October 7:

"TRANSFERS! I'm still serving with Hermana Fuenzalida in Kaw River and I couldn't be more excited and grateful. The only addition to our district is a new Elder. Elder Christensen. He is from IF. We had to drive up to Independence on Transfer Day to drop off Sister Borges because she is heading to the Visitors Center. While we were there, I was talking to another sister and I felt someone tap my shoulder. It was President Keyes. He is awesome! Well, anywho, he said "How are you Sister Haynes?" I replied and said that I was great. He then said "Well, I received an e-mail last night and... (DRUM ROLL PLEASE)... YOU HAVE YOUR VISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY COW! wowwwwza. I have my visa! I get to go to Argentina! I fly out on the 22nd of Octubre! A perfect amount of time to get business done here. SO AWESOME SO AWESOME SO AWESOME!!!! I love President and Sister Keyes so much. It has been so great to be able to serve here and now I get to start out on another adventure!

"CONFERENCE!!!!!!! AHHH!!! Loved it. And very interesting. The issues and subjects that we addressed were things which were needed of course, but man the way its delivered. PERFECTION right there! So great! I also thought Elder Holland's address on mental illnesses was very interesting. I love how every message brings such hope. Like President Monson's address. Everyone has struggles and the only thing that will pull us though these trials is Jesus Christ. WOW. so awesome! Honestly, I can't choose a favorite. They were all so great and so applicable. But, I will put in a little plug for Elder Ballard...Who is going to be the one person YOU bring into the gospel by Christmas?

"We have an investigator on date named Serena! She is awesome! She came to conference with us yesterday and loved it. I'm really excited to see where this goes. She also let us help her make some "soul food" I now know how to make some mean sweet potatoes."

 The whole group that arrived with me in front of the Kansas City, Kansas temple.

 The Sisters I arrived with in the field.

 First day in the field with Sister Fuenzalida.

Here's a pic of us after Zone Conference! 

 We had dinner at Gladys' house on the 21st because the 21st is an Argentine holiday. Gladys is one of our investigators. She had been an investigator for about 9 months now. Her husband is a member. She moved from Argentina last December! 

 Us and will and his "Crime Dot" tattoo....


Monday, August 26, 2013


From Hermana Haynes, August 16:
"I finally got reassigned! Wahoo! I honestly was super anxious for my reassignment! I had no idea where I would be going and all I wanted was someplace I had never been before, no freezing winters, and fire flys. And....for the most part its real!!! MISSOURI INDEPENDENCE MISSION!!!!  I am super stoked. I know that there are people there that I need an that will help my testimony grow. I know that I am supposed to go to Missouri for a reason."

From Hermana Haynes, August 26:
"Things are so great! I flew in on Wednesday and then President took all us of new missionaries to Liberty Jail. It was awesome! I really liked that. Then, we headed over to the visitors center and had a little tour there. That was also super cool. Then, we headed back to the mission home and had dinner, some training, and interviews. There were 31 of us new missionaries there (the biggest group they have ever had come into the Missouri Independence mission) but it seemed like it was just one big happy family. In our interviews, he told us who our companions would be and where we would be going. 

"So, then the next day we headed to the stake center to meet up with our new companions! My trainer is Sister Fuenzalida. She is from Salt Lake but both her parents are natives of Chile. She is SO awesome! She helps me out so much! She is bilingual in spanish and english so that is super helpful. Then, we traveled to our area. Oh the area...haha. I am serving in Kansas City, Kansas, in the Kaw River ward. It's an interesting place that's for sure....It's literally a ghetto. There is only black people and Latinos, mostly Mexican, and its a jungle! I have met all walks of life here that's for sure! Everyone is SUPER poor. It's a great place! It has really opened my eyes on life. I was expecting poorer people in Argentina, but not in Missouri. It's pretty different. But, everyone is super humble. 

"Its hard to keep progressing investigators because no one is really into commitment here so we have just been finding like CRAZY!!!! Missionary work is hard, but its so great! I wouldn't want to be doing anything else! Its also super hot here! Like 95+Humidity. Pretty crazy. But, things are great. Our ward is actually bilingual. There are headsets which you can use to get the message translated and then there are English Sunday schools and relief societies and then Spanish Sunday schools and relief societies. Our ward had 600 members, and 200 reactivation is also a huge priority right now too! 

"We have an investigator named Nancy. She is 15 and awesome! Yesterday we were able to commit her to baptism on the 14 of September! During that lesson with her, it really hit home why I am here. I love it!"

New Address:
Hermana Haynes
3117 Barnett Ave.
Apt. A 2nd Floor
Kansas City, Kansas 66102